A series of medical-image-based, embroidered, lunar collage prints featured at flux factory's summer 2016 seasonal exhibition: Artificial retirement


"Celebrating Potential of

Beauty and Calm

in Imperfection...

A collection of visual work, In Honor of Imperfection, by Zoey Hart will be exhibited at Flux Factory's Artificial Retirement this summer. Inspired by the Japanese Zen Buddhism wabi-sabi and her own chronic illness, the work celebrates the potential to find beauty and calm in the incongruities and imperfections of our bodies, spaces, and lives.


Hart is a Brooklyn-based artist living with chronic autoimmunity. Her interest in imperfection and malfunction is rooted in both her body and her physical environment. The intervention of technology in her life is constant scanning process such as sonograms and CT scans, and yet this illness still remains as mysterious. She uses those scanned images to create mixed media collage and textile-based work incorporating artifacts of urban decay such as rust, chipping paint, and broken bricks. I interviewed Hart to let the readers know more about her background and her work process...."


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